Slip the lines, leave your cares behind, and experience the freedom of sailing the Caribbean with Captain Pat Stoeken on Independence, a 44' clipper-bowed ketch. Independence is a big, comfortable boat, with room to stretch out in the shade or sun. Leave late or come back early ... snorkel ... swim ... or do nothing ... It's Your Day!

As the premier Virgin Islands charter sailing vessel, Independence is a beautifully crafted and well-maintained sailboat. Sailing the Virgin Islands is made simple and carefree by Captain Pat, who personalizes your experience by taking you on a tour of the Virgin Islands; sailing St. Thomas and St. John. Captain Pat's passion for sailing the Virgin Islands is contagious, and she dedicates herself to creating relaxation, lots of fun and great memories for her passengers.

Attention Cruise Ship Passengers! We will be happy to accommodate your schedule. Just let us know when you need to get "back to the ship." Contact Captain Pat at 340-513-2897, or  Email Us to make your reservation.

The experience of visiting the beautiful Virgin Islands is not complete without setting sail and getting a scenic tour at sea. Step aboard Independence with Captain Pat to go sailing the Virgin Islands, and she will make your day unforgettable. With the freedom to either plan your Virgin Island sailing trip down to every detail or just hop aboard and see where the wind takes you, you have many options. Sailing the Virgin Islands is the type of thing most people only dream about, so if you are headed our way, please don't pass on Captain Pat's standing offer to take you out sailing in the wondrous Virgin Islands of St. Thomas and St. John.

Captain Pat says, "These pictures were taken by my friend, Claudia, at anchorages that Independence visits. I can't promise that you will see all of these sea creatures when you go snorkeling, but you will have fun looking for them!" Let's go sailing!

independence come sail with us